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Cornish Quince Jelly

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Our Cornish Quince Jelly is made here on our farm.

With its smooth, translucent appearance it graces any table, its sweet floral taste delighting your friends & family.

It is great with Brie/Camembert cheese.  Serve with lamb or game dishes, or just with toast and butter! You can also heat and use it as a glaze with meat.

We use the fruit from our own orchard and from our local community who pick theirs from their gardens and bring them to us. Quince Cydonia japonica belong to the same family as apples and pears (Rosaceae), the shape resembling either one. Quinces are hard and cannot be eaten raw but they have a wonderful, fragrant flavour when cooked.

It is made the good old fashioned way here on the farm using just the local fruit, Cornish spring water (not mains tap water) and sugar.

It is made in small batches on the hob.  Every batch is slightly different in colour and subtleties of taste, as different varieties of quince are used and cooking times vary slightly.

Did you know?

Quince symbolises Unity.

Quince is the fruit of love, fertility and unity; its appearance signals a time of romance or partnership. This is an ideal time for love and creativity to become an inspirational force.

Quince is one of the oldest fruits directly associated with love ❤️, marriage 💒 and fertility 🤰. Quince, Cydonia oblonga is the only member of the Cydonia genus. The Greeks associated quince with the legendary city of Cydonia on the island of Crete, which inspired its genus name. Ancient Greeks presented quince as an important gift for wedding celebrations. Quince was offered to the bride to “sweeten” her breath before entering the bridal chamber, thus helping to promote romance and fertility 😉.

So a jar of our Quince Jelly will be a great wedding gift for the happy couple!! (maybe don’t tell them about the breath bit!!) 😆

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