Medlar Jelly with Chilli


Medlar Jelly – great for a festive cheeseboard, the natural spiced flavours being perfect for the season 🎄

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We make our Medlar Jelly with chilli on the farm.  It is made the good old fashioned way using just the local fruit, Cornish spring water (not mains tap water) and sugar.

What does it taste like?

With its smooth transparent appearance, its pretty on any table. It has a spiced apple flavour, a little floral but not as much as quince jelly.  The flavour is subtle with hints of cinnamon and allspice and in no way overpowering. Other comparisons are toffee apples and similar to sweet-tasting dates.  The addition of the chilli gives you a slightly delayed surprise that sings on the tongue – we love it!  Our Medlar Jelly with Chilli has a unique taste that can really only be appreciated by sampling it for yourself.

What is it best to eat with?

Cheeses: Enjoy with a range of hard and soft cheeses. Some of the best cheeses to serve with Medlar include cheddar and blue cheese.  The spiced apple flavours add a unique twist on your run of the mill cheese board and they will complement most cheeses.

Invite the neighbours over, open the port and present them with your Medlar jelly and cheese board – it will have everyone talking!

Meats: Cold meats go particularly well with Medlar – imagine a tasty homemade ploughman’s lunch with a selection of cold meats.  Roast meats like pork and chicken also compliment Medlar jelly and it is great served with pates and crackers.  Medlar jelly also makes for a great addition to a festive cheese board 🎄, the spiced flavours are perfect for the season.

If you love making your own gravy with roast dinners, stir a spoon of Medlar jelly into it for an extra layer of flavour.

Where is our fruit from?

We use the fruit from our own orchard here on the farm and from our local community who pick theirs from their gardens and bring them to us.

It is made in small batches on the hob.  Every batch is slightly different in colour and subtleties of taste, as different varieties of Medlar are used and cooking times vary slightly.


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