Half a Soay Lamb/Hogget


Farm to Fork.  Prepacked into cuts. Min 5Kg in weight. Collection Only (or local delivery within 5 miles).  The meat from Soay sheep is lean, tender and low in cholesterol.

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Pre Order Half Lamb/Hogget

Soay are small sheep. To ensure that your order is at least 5Kg in weight, sometimes we add more than one joint &/or more chops of the below.

  • Shoulder joint
  • Leg joint
  • Rack Ribs
  • 8 (approx.) Lamb chops (can vary by size )
  • Neck
  • Mince – quantity can vary due to animal size and may not be included
  • If released by the abattoir we will also include the liver and kidney at no extra cost
  • Large Fresh bunch Rosemary, grown here on the farm.

Freshly frozen.  Collection will be from Home Farm or we can provide FREE DELIVERY within 5 mile radius of PL13 1PR (don’t forget to add free range eggs to your order too!) 🙂 

👍 Our sheep are free range & grass fed

👍 We do not use artificial fertilizers or pesticides

👍 We do not use any GM foods

👍 We do not use antibiotics or other medicines routinely, only when they are required for the health of our animals

👍 We do not use any growth promoters

👍 We do not inject water into the meat

👍 Our animals are slaughtered (and butchered) at a small local abattoir, where they are dealt with individually as soon as they arrive rather than being penned overnight with hundreds of other sheep from different farms. This prevents them getting stressed which is good for them and also for you since high levels of adrenalin adversely affects the taste of the meat.


The meat from Soay sheep is lean, tender and low in cholesterol.  Soay lamb is a completely different meat, in my opinion. They are browsers, rather than grazers so will eat a range of things, rather than just the grass that commercial sheep eat. All in, it makes for a leaner and more gamey meat – more similar to venison than lamb or mutton. Also, because they are so small, our meat is only harvested when the sheep are at least a year to 18 months old, making them Hogget rather than strictly lamb.

It is really an incredible meat.

What defines Lamb, Hogget or Mutton?

UK Lamb is from a sheep than is younger than one year.

UK Hogget is from a domestic sheep between one and two years of age.

However, the New Zealand definition classifies an animal as a lamb even after two incisor teeth had popped through.  That enables slightly-older sheep, which are typically in good condition, to be sold under the more profitable lamb name. Therefore, if you are used to eating New Zealand Lamb the chances are you are enjoying Hogget – which is what we sell from our Farm.

Consider, hogget is to spring lamb what beef is to veal.


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  1. Sarah Jane Williamson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality lean lamb with a deep, fantastic flavour.

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