Parsley: flat-leaved 100g bunch


Freshly harvested 100g bunch flat-leaved parsley

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Parsley is an essential ingredient of many dishes, including salsa verde and tabouleh.

Although curly leaved parsley looks great as a garnish and has textured tactile leaves, flatleaved parsley has a stronger taste and is more useful and easier to prepare, in the kitchen.

This is not suitable to be posted.  You can collect from Liskeard Hive on Saturdays 10am or pick up from Home Farm.

What’s the difference between flat leaved and curly leaved Parsley?

Although the essential makeup of the flat-leaf and curly leaf varieties of parsley is relatively the same, the differences are due to the balance of the compounds menthatriene, phellandrene, myristicin, and myrcene, which are common in many leafy herbs and exist in both forms of parsley. The balance of these flavour compounds differs between flat and curly parsley, giving flat-leaf parsley a much stronger taste than its counterpart.

Italian parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is identifiable by:

  • Broad, flat leaves
  • A bold, aromatic flavour
  • A colour ranging from dark green to bright, leafy green

Curly leaf parsley (Petroselinum crispum neapolitanum) is known for:

  • Thicker ruffled, “curly” leaves
  • A bright green colour
  • A muted flavour reminiscent of grass, which gets more bitter with time

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