6 chicken hatching eggs

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These are 6 mixed variety chicken eggs.  We make an effort to give you a good range of colours.


We hatch our own Free-Range chickens every year on our farm and it is this same egg stock that we share with you here. 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣

  • 6 mixed variety chicken eggs (breeds include Bovans Brown, Dekalb White, Aracuna, Black Copper Maran, Copper Neck Maran, Black Maran, French Maran, Dark Silver Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, Bresse Gauloise, Brahma and our own hybrid green/olive egg layers.  We have active Roosters/Cockerels for each of these breeds in a ratio conducive to maximise fertility.)
  • We make every effort to give you a good range of colours.  Colours are subject to availability.  If you have a particular preference or hope, please specify this at checkout.
  • Your chicks will have a chance of being both pure breeds and hybrids as we keep all our birds together, they are completely free range and we do not separate them.  Our own chickens that we hatch every year are beautiful and lay well.
  • Freshest laid eggs provided for you (8-48 hour laid)
  • Carefully individually selected for maximum chance of hatchability (not all fertile eggs are good to hatch)
  • Carefully hand prepared (more info on our Facebook group on how we prepare and care for your eggs)
  • Carefully packed in new, clean, home-compostable packaging
  • Package clearly externally marked as fragile (using paper fragile tape) and box marked on 4 sides for orientation.
  • We help you along the way within our Facebook Group ‘Home Farm Customer Hatching Stories’ where you can also see our other customers questions, pictures & stories.
  • Postage** – We use Royal Mail 1st Class Small Parcel service (usually next day delivery).  A tracking number is provided for you. Due to some delays in the postal system, we have provided an option for you to pay for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm the next day should you prefer not to take the risk of postal delay.
  • Packaging – we are proud to say that we do not use any polystyrene or plastic packaging in any form. All our packaging is home compostable.
  • Collection – we are happy for you to collect your eggs from us (our preference for egg safety). They can be collected from our ‘Click & Collect’ shelf in our shop 24/7/365. There is no requirement for contact.

🛒 Just click and collect! 🛒

  • Time in answering your questions – Our customers are very important to us.  We make every effort to respond to you as soon as we are able.  For help with incubation & hatching we created our Facebook Group ‘Home Farm Customer Hatching Stories’ for you.  We visit this at least daily to help you.

🐣 Have Fun Hatching! 🐣

Additional Information

*fertility – although we cannot guarantee fertility we have an extremely high fertility rate that we share regularly on our Facebook group page.  We hatch our own birds every year on our farm and it is this same egg stock that we share with you here. It is impossible to tell whether an egg is fertile until it’s been incubated for about 7 to 10 days. 

**Please note – Postage is very hard on hatching eggs.  We and the postal service can’t guarantee how carefully the boxes/packages are handled and no matter how well we pack them, sometimes you end up with cracked eggs, detached air-sacs (advise on how to treat these eggs on our Facebook group page), or otherwise “scrambled” eggs on delivery. The latter are unlikely to develop. 

We can’t be held responsible for damaged eggs or postal delays.  Regarding any postal delays – hatchability holds reasonably well up to 7 days, but declines rapidly afterwards.  After 3 weeks of storage, hatchability drops to almost zero.

  • When we pack and send – every day we collect fresh eggs for the orders placed that day (inc the previous evening up to 5pm).  We then select and pack according to your order.  We dispatch our orders Monday to Friday.
  • We do not delay posting out orders unless specifically requested to do so by the buyer, or we may delay over long bank holidays if we judge egg viability to be otherwise compromised.
  • As eggs viability for fertility is largely unaffected in the first 7 days, that is a safe method for us to use without unnecessary delay to our customers after they have placed an order.
  • Royal Mail Tracking numbers – We provide you with a tracking number for your order.

Additional information

Weight 850 g
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm

5 reviews for 6 chicken hatching eggs

  1. Anna Ovens (verified owner)

    10 out of 12 eggs fertile and hatched ok. Good variety of colours. Happy lovely chicks. Thanks

  2. hfcmk

    Facebook: Mel Dockerty recommends Home Farm Cornwall.
    Had a great experience. Eggs arrived timely and safe.
    Had 5 out of 6 eggs successfully hatched. Received lots of help from the facebook page not only from Home Farm but other egg hatchers!

  3. hfcmk

    Facebook Ally Gillespie Killen recommends Home Farm Cornwall.
    brilliant! had 6 chick eggs come all the way to Northern Ireland and super well packed! I would definitely buy again from home farm! 5*

  4. Anna Ovens (verified owner)

    Another batch of Home Farm eggs successfully hatched. 8 bundles of fluff. Good fertility rates, well packaged. Great support group on face book.

  5. Kayleigh Woodward (verified owner)

    After purchasing several batches of hatching eggs from other suppliers, all of which none hatched I came across home farm, very quick delivery, really well packaged, I hatched 3 out of 6, unfortunately two were cockerels so I will be trying again with these lovely suppliers.

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