Green Bean Chutney ~Spicy~

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Saworen Fav Glas – Spisek

Award winning, with a mild warmth, it pairs beautifully with hard cheeses, cold meats & spicy food.

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Winning a Taste of the West GOLD Award in 2022, our Delicious Artisan Green Bean Chutney ~Spicy~ is lovingly made using the runner beans & onions we grow on our Farm.

It has a mild warmth and pairs beautifully with hard cheeses, cold meats & spicy food.

And in Cornish…

Homma a’s teves tamm a jagg hag yw splann gans keusyow kales, kigyow yeyn hag avel keveylyans dhe voos spisek.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm
Jar size

2oz, 8oz

3 reviews for Green Bean Chutney ~Spicy~

  1. hfcmk

    Out of all our chutney range – this is my personal favourite. I can still enjoy the fresh taste of runner beans whilst enjoying the gentle warmth on the palette from the very mild chilli we use. For me – a winner!

  2. Fred S

    Curries are just not the same without this delicious extra. It complements the flavours perfectly – highly recommended.

  3. Adele

    I’ve got to say your green bean chutney is amazing. I know I love the spicy taste of the pumpkin wasn’t sure about the green bean but it really is very moreish. The balance of the flavours is lovely, you can still taste the beans, a reminder of summer! Yey!!

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