100 Plant Support clips – reusable, variable diameter, no sharp edges on stem.

100 Reusable 26 mm black plant support clips, variable diameter, smooth edges


100 Reusable 26 mm black plant support clips (these are not the cheap white Chinese ones that are hard to remove, have sharp edges and (from experience) nigh on impossible to reuse)

  • Can be clipped to a smaller diameter as required
  • Smoothed edges so no sharp edges cutting into stems
  • Can be used for a variety of plants needing support and climbing vines, fruits and vegetables eg tomatoes, cucumber, beans, vines etc
  • Very easy to apply and remove for reuse
  • We provide a VAT receipt so you can reclaim the VAT if you have a VAT registered business.

Using these same supports, we successfully grow hundreds of our own tomato and cucumber plants every year here at Home Farm Cornwall.  They are very easy to use and re-use year after year.  We have tried various types of clips and the best ones we have found (with regard to ease of use, quality, ease of removal and reuse) we share with you here.  There are a couple very short videos on our Facebook page that show how to clip and un-clip them and how to clip them using a reduced diameter for smaller stems.

If you would like a different number of hooks and clips please message us on homefarmcornwall@gmail.com for a quote and we’ll be pleased to help you.

  • Postage – We use Royal Mail 2nd class
  • Packaging – we are proud to say that we do not use any polystyrene or plastic packaging in any form. All our packaging is home compostable.
  • Collection – we are happy for you to collect your order. There is no requirement for contact!

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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